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I don't ask this kind of thing often, but does anyone here play Eternity Warriors on the iPhone and/or iPad, or know someone who does? I'm looking for a clan to join, or at least to team up with another loner.

In the unlikely event that someone is interested: my GameCenter ID is BookBeast.
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Yes, I've been doing some actual productive things these past few days, but mostly I have been playing Mass Effect on my XBox. I already beat it once (using a female protagonist) and now I am working on it again with a male protagonist and having him fall in love with an alien rather than the other possible romantic interest - a human - aboard the ship. I'm curious to see how that will go.

I've kind of been playing using what I call "Starfleet officer" RP choices so far - the good, noble ones that get you Paragon points. Mostly. I wonder if I'll develop the nerve to go down a darker path and play as a cold, ruthless total asshole. The game allows you that option too. But I think I'd miss out on a lot that way, and I'm kind of one of those people who couldn't bring myself to do it, even just to see what would happen.

Anyway, I'd highly recommend this game to anyone who likes RPGs or shooters, because it does a good job of being both. Although even the XBox can't keep up with the graphic requirements sometimes, and the load times are annoying. BioWare is apparently planning sequels: I hope they address that problem. Maybe try and figure out whatever it was the God of War team did for the PS2 to bring the loads down, although since Mass Effect isn't so linear as GoW, I don't know if it will work.
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Got Guitar Hero III yesterday. I haven't played much of it yet, but I like it - one of the songs is School's Out, which I was hoping to see in the previous games. There's also the Guitar Battle feature, where you can actually get power-ups to use against your opponent. Next time I go home I will have to take the game with me and play against my little brother.

Also, I'm reading Furies of Calderon first book in the Codex Alera series, by Jim Butcher. That's right, the same guy who created Harry Dresden. Apparently Butcher wrote the Codex Alera based on a dare: he had to take the bad ideas of Pokemon and a lost Roman legion and make them into a good book, which, in my opinion, he seems to have done successfully. Admittedly I'm not quite halfway through it yet.


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