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The University of Michigan is large enough to have its own (smallish) gaming convention, U-con. I've been dividing my time between U-con and my %*^#ing 501 project - I had to do an affinity diagram session with my group yesterday and have to go to another one today. Worse yet, the guy in the group who I can't stand was not at yesterday's session but will be at this one. If it were just a matter of having an unpleasant personality, I could put up with it. But the problem is that he never seems to understand what we're doing and yet acts like he does.

Okay, I'm going to stop bitching about that. I've had fun at U-con: I got a set of shiny purple dice but lost them. As some of you may recall, I used to have a set of shiny pink dice but I think those got lost in my move from Philadelphia or before. I felt really dumb but the guy at the booth selling dice told me that he's seen people buy a 36-dollar jug of dice from this big crate of them and then just put them down and forget them, so I'm hardly a bad case.

The real highlight of this con was getting to play Settlers of Catan for the first time: I've seen it and heard about it at a lot of cons and among gaming geeks, but never played it myself. I signed up to play in a two-hour game with three other people: we used a jumbo-sized board with custom-built hexes, decorated with trees and sheep and hills and such that probably came from the kind of shop where people get the makings for model railroad landscapes. I picked up my own copy, although it was the smaller, generic version. Since it's the last day of the con there was a 25% discount and I had a coupon for playing the demo, so the price was significantly less than usual. I plan to break in my set at the next Michigan Union gaming night (or play against myself a bit first) and then bring it home for Thanksgiving and play with my brothers. Or at least with Benjamin, who likes to play board games with me. But I'm hoping for more people, because the more the merrier.

EDIT: Joy! I found my purple dice in a cranny of my backpack.
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I have just had a great weekend, and I am totally geeked out!

Long post, so cut. )


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