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Jan. 10th, 2007 11:03 am
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I spoke too soon the other day when I said that everything was going smoothly with Tomato. I discovered that I was supposed to partition the hard drive using Boot Camp (not the disk utility) and that I had to install a version of Windows XP that had Service Pack 2 already in it. So I had to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the OS.

I have a set of Windows XP discs from when I bought my laptop, but they are pre-SP2. I asked around the office but nobody seems to have the edition of Windows XP that I need. So I've resorted to bribing my little brother for the Windows XP disks he got with his Dell, assuming he can find them.

The actual bribe, by the way, is something called a Mr. Accessory from the online game Kingdom of Loathing, which Benjamin loves. You can get Mr. Accessories with a $10 PayPal donation. I have a PayPal account and Benjamin doesn't, so he uses me as an intermediary to obtain these things. I figure that the promise of a Mr. Accessory will encourage him to hunt down the disks, since, unlike me, he doesn't keep his computer stuff organized.

However, if anyone else in my area has a set of Windows XP disks that I can borrow (I will use my own activation key, of course), I would much appreciate it, because then I won't have to rely on my little brother.
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I was expecting my new MacBook to arrive on Wednesday, but FedEx got it here this morning. It's pretty and shiny and going through the initial setup just fine (right now it's asking me if I want to connect to my office's wireless network, but I have to check with my boss about that). I'll probably be spending my time after work transferring all my stuff from the other laptop and setting it up.

By the way, the new arrival is named Tomato, and it will soon have a Windows alter ego that will be named Potato. If all goes well.


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