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My first day on the job was kind of rocky, but my second day has been better. I got more done, although a lot of it was secretary stuff this time around. I also talked to my boss about why I'd been having problems (this was my idea, by the way), and I think she now understands that I'm willing to work hard and I'll be able to catch on quickly.

Also, though it rained some on the way home, I managed to get back from Detroit without any mishap. Yay!

And, I got Roo a couple of new things. I found her a scratch pad that she can pluck at (she likes to pluck with her claws, not scratch) and a little water fountain thing, since she likes drinking from the faucet but not her bowl. She likes the scratch pad but will need to get used to the fountain.
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It's raining today, but I had to do some grocery shopping so I drove the car out to Whole Foods. And I got there and back and Bad Things did not happen! This is good, considering what happened last time I drove in the rain.

I have to go back to Detroit tomorrow, and though it will be raining early in the morning the weather report says it won't be raining by the time I have to go. If it is, though, I can take a route that avoids highways. That will make the trip an hour long, but I don't yet feel ready to take on highway driving (let alone the M-10) in bad weather just yet.
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I got a job! It's a research job, in which I do stuff like look at emergency response procedures for different universities and write little reports on them for a comparative study. But there's also administrative duties, which seem (so far) to consist of answering the phone. The thing is, the job I applied for was just the research, which I could do from home. During the interview I was told I'd only have to come into the office once a month. Now what I have is a situation where I come in two days a week and work about twelve hours total. The drive from Ann Arbor to Detroit is 45 minutes. And it's not exactly easy, especially the bit on the M-10.

Anyway, when I mentioned my new work schedule in an e-mail to my mother, she kind of freaked out. I'd already told my parents about how the job would work out, and that I'd try to negotiate for doing most of it at home. That didn't happen because, as it turns out, most of the employees come in from Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti (the next town over) so my situation is not special. Mom says that the gas and wear on the car is not worth it, that this job is not worth as much as my safety (because it's a long drive, and my previous attempt to drive in bad weather did not go well), and that she thinks I'm being taken advantage of.

I think it's a good job. The pay is decent, I can learn a lot and it would be very good on my resume. I may even be able to turn it into a summer internship (which I need for credit). I don't like the long drive but I can do it, and though I got into an accident a few weeks ago, it just means that now I know to be careful. I'm going to have to do stuff like this some time.

I can't believe my mother is basically upset because I did not get a job with someone who will accommodate my every whim, more or less. She says I should ask my roommates if this job is a good idea, but I suspect that they'll say it's pretty good and that, as regards the driving thing, it's something a lot of people have to do and just something to put up with. I already signed an agreement about how my schedule would work, fill out a W-9 form (I am technically a subcontractor, to them) and a form for direct deposit of my paychecks. It doesn't mean I can't quit, but it means I've gone to a lot of trouble.

So, what's the verdict? Are my parents freaking out over not-very-much-really?
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Well, I have a job now. Sort of. I have to complete a trial assignment so that they can decide to hire me.

The company is a small consulting group in Detroit that primarily serves academic institutions. They look up funding resources for their clients. My trial-run job is to write an executive summary of various grants and training resources provided by the federal government for the purpose of improving a university's security, disaster preparedness, emergency warning and disaster response systems. I've already found some stuff and have the beginnings of a good-looking list, although never having written an executive summary before, I'm not sure if it looks right. My potential employer did not provide me with a template.

Now, about the job more generally: it will be ten to twelve hours a week, which I can fit into my schedule without too much difficulty - I just need to cut down on things like, say, putzing around on the internet or reloading my LiveJournal friends page over and over again hoping for a new post (yes, I am pathetic). The problem is, I will have to go into Detroit twice a week for administrative assistant duties. Detroit is half an hour to 45 minutes away when the traffic is not bad, and to be fair I will probably not be driving during rush hour. However, with the weather getting colder, I will soon have to contend with driving on icy roads, and my misadventure the one time I drove my car on wet pavement here makes me less than confident about my ability to do that. My mom's worried about it too. The commute will also lengthen my effective working week and make me use a lot more gas.

Mom suggested that, after I do this assignment and see whether they like me or not, I should tell my boss about my lack of driving experience and possibly try to get out of the office stuff and just do research stuff. I'm not sure how to do that, but it's definitely an issue I have to address.

Fortunately I don't really need the money (although getting 13 dollars an hour and thus having to use less of my savings would be nice), but I think I do need something like this on my resume, or at least it would be very good to have. It could also lead to a summer internship. And I need to have an internship in my program to get credit.

I'm glad that I got this, but I'm a little nervous about it.


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