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Huh. It's been a while, hasn't it?

Well, chalk it up to grad school sucking up most of my time and energy. Fortunately I like most of what I'm doing. And, on the home front, things are going pretty well, except that Roo is still kind of high-strung around other cats.

I've had a cold for the past week and it was so bad on Monday that I e-mailed the professors of my Tuesday classes saying I might not be in (I wasn't). Fortunately I feel much better now. And I think I did very well on the midterm I had a couple of hours ago.

I am currently reading excerpts from Digital Copyright, by Jessica Litman, for one of my classes. I haven't met her but apparently she teaches here - not in the School of Information but the business or law school. She actually understands copyright law and how it became the misshapen monster it is today, and she explains it very well for those who are not legally (or technologically) savvy. I'm thinking of sending her an e-mail or trying to catch her during her office hours to tell her how awesome she is, and ask if she teaches something I can take as a cognate course.

On the pop-culture front, Tuesday nights are for House only from now on, since [livejournal.com profile] scifantasy isn't on Beauty and the Geek anymore (sorry, dude). On the bright side, this means I no longer have to feel dirty about watching a reality show.

Final note: I have an uber-geeky quiz! Rate the following, from best to worst, and explain your answer:

O(log n)

I know at least one and probably two of you who should have an idea what the hell I'm talking about.


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