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You know how I've been wondering on and off about what kind of phone plan I should sign on to once my family's cell phone contract (which I'm on) runs out? Well, I found an interesting one. Did you know that Working Assets has a wireless plan?

The package seems like a pretty good deal. 200 anytime minutes may be a bit on the low side, but since I don't use my cell phone a whole lot (although since I don't have a land line, I use it exclusively), it might be good for me. And I like that some of the monthly fee goes to an activist organization - but I hope I can pick which one.

It's a good alternative to that is Verizon "t3h 3vi1" wireless, or "Utterly Clueless/Fewer Dropped Calls My Foot" Cingular (which is what I'm on now).

It will be a while before I have to get my own phone plan, but that just means I have more time to check it out thoroughly. I'd appreciate some advice from anyone who's on this particular plan.

Oh, right - I'm also wondering if someone is willing to let me borrow some webspace and bandwidth. I have a set of LJ mood icons I want to use. I've got a Photobucket account, but I'm not sure it will allow me enough bandwidth - and the LiveJournal scrapbook is not good for this sort of thing because I would have to upload the pictures one at a time and there are 132 of them (all GIFs).


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