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That microecon final did not go as I anticipated. I thought I was prepared, but when it came down to it I couldn't figure out how to answer any of the questions. Microeconomics involves calculus, by the way. If I hadn't dropped out of college freshman calculus, I would have failed out. See the problem?

Fortunately, after I conveyed to the professor just how in over my head I was, she said I could take the test home and use my books and notes. I'll be taking a penalty but I should at least pass the class. It took me four hours and fifteen minutes to finish the damn thing (a bit more than twice the time actually scheduled for the final), but it's good. I'll be dropping it off with the grader tomorrow. Well, later today.

Speaking of which, I've been up all night. I tried to go to sleep at half past midnight and gave it up for a lost cause less than an hour later, and I've been awake ever since (it's 6:30 now). It's not anxiety - it's a weird PMS thing I have. Kind of annoying, but at least if I need to take a nap later, I'll be able to do that.

Tomorrow I'm flying home to Maryland. A friend of mine will be taking care of Roo while I'm away. I'd better hug the kitty as much as I can before I leave, because I won't be seeing her for the next three weeks!
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