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Merry belated Christmas, to those of you who are into that kind of thing! I am now in Florida with my brother Daniel, who thoughtfully got me some baby mohair yarn for Hannukah. Granny took us out for Thai food last night, a twist on the Jewish sort-of-tradition of getting Chinese takeout on Christmas Day. This actually is a tradition in my synagogue: people bring in vegetarian Chinese food (our synagogue is vegetarian-only) and watch Israeli movies.

My other brother, Benjamin, got the new Prince of Persia game with his Hannukah money. I got a good ways into it while I was home and will definitely finish it when I go back to Maryland before returning to Michigan. And, for those of you who are wondering, it's an awesome game. Although I often felt like I was playing a supporting character to the Prince's own personal superheroine,1 Elika. I'm not sure whether that's a bad thing because it's a new experience for me and I am rather fond of Elika.

I'm missing Roo terribly. I keep having dreams about losing her. But I'll get to see her again in a little more than a week, and she will probably give me some new bites and scratches to replace the ones that have healed since I've been away. Awww!

1 What? She swoops in and saves the Prince when he's about to fall to his death or get squashed by a bad guy or something. Of course she's a superheroine.
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