Mar. 17th, 2009

miss_yt: (Nervous much?)
I learned a new medical word yesterday: "Neuroma." Apparently I have one.

A bit more than a week ago, the ball of my right foot and the second toe on that same foot started to hurt. It felt like muscle strain: I figured I'd been pressing down too much on that part of my foot while doing elliptical exercises at the gym, and that it would get better in a couple of days like all muscle strains. But it didn't: it got worse. I had to leave my kendo practice later that week and I didn't bother going to this latest practice, because the part of my foot that hurts so bad is the part you come down on when you do fumikomi, or striking footwork.

I went to the health center yesterday and the doctor, after feeling my foot and asking me some questions, said that I have a neuroma, which is when you irritate a nerve and it starts to swell. She said to wear supportive shoes with nonflexible soles to keep that part of my foot from bending and hurting and to put ice on it. Buddy-taping my second toe to my big toe seems to help too. I hope this clears up on its own and that I won't need surgery to remove the nerve, so I'm trying my best to follow her instructions and avoid the need to have my foot cut open. Please wish me luck!


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