Jan. 16th, 2009

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It's not fair. My Mac temperature widget says it's -12 degrees outside. And guess what the high temperature for today is? 4 degrees.

I have to go to a morning class. I'll still go because it's my enterprise security class and that's the career field I want to go into and so I'd better darn well be there, but I'd better wear my really long scarf and my ski gloves.

Wish me luck so bits of me don't fall off from frostbite before I reach the classroom.
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Whew! I'm back home from class and a couple of errands, and managed to keep from freezing to death or losing any extremities to frostbite. I don't have to go out anymore today, which is a great relief.

I've been thinking about knitting some kind of really broad scarf that I can wrap around my head and neck. I have a nice alpaca scarf that I knit, but it's not wide or long enough to keep everything warm. I have another scarf that is really long but awkward. Fortunately, I also have a giant skein of cheap but good acrylic yarn that I can use to make more winter-weather gear. I also have a book of knitting motifs. I'll find a good one and use it as the basis for a big broad scarf.


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